Seven reasons you can be confident you are making the right choice with
Walker Mowers…

Compact: Powerful From The Inside Out- One design standard we have worked towards is to ensure the entire grass collection system is internal. This intentional effort has allowed Walker Mowers to retain their compact footprint.

Steering: The Walker is at home on intensely landscaped properties because of its responsive steering. Win the challenge of responsive steering and you win the race of overall job time. Easy-to-use controls and a well-balanced machine help Walker operators confidently drive closer to obstacles and finish in one pass. For commercial operators delays in steering multiply when going from lawn to lawn, day to day, and month to month

Balance: Better Traction Through Engineering- The counterweight springs enhance the traction of the Walker by transferring weight from the deck caster wheels and the tail-wheel to the drive tires.

Agile: Walker Mowers compact size, balance, precision steering and handling is what gives them the ability to complete common mowing tasks quickly.

Trimming: One of the many ways to get you on and off the lawn faster is to reduce the effort and time it takes to trim around trees, beds, and other landscape features. The Walker easily and precisely trims more beds and raised obstacles in one pass saving you time over and over again.

Reach: Conquer Whatever You’re Up Against- At first glance the advantage of Walker's Out Front deck design is easy to see. But when looking closer, another distinct productivity advantage is the ability of the Out Front deck to reach to the side and do the job where push mowers and string trimmers are usually used. It's the little things like side reach that get the job done quicker and add up to a more productive machine.

View: When both trim edges of your mowing deck are visible from a natural, forward facing position you improve mowing efficiency and keep yourself and your surroundings safe. When you have to turn your body and head to extreme angles to see the deck or tire edges, your forward view effectively shrinks creating dangerous blind spots in your mowing path. The out-front deck of the Walker mower allows you to easily and safely keep your eyes front and center while operating your mower.

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